LFE is an open source initiative, focused on the power systems’ sector, overseen and hosted at The Linux Foundation. LFE provides a neutral, collaborative environment to build the digital foundations that enable the “electrification of everything to scale” to transform the world’s relationship to energy. The digitalization of power systems enables a renewable and distributed energy future where wind, solar, batteries, and hydro provide the electrification capacity that enables humanity to address climate change, the transition to fossil-free transportation, and the urbanization of world populations. Come join us.


  • The Linux Foundation provides the electricity sector a neutral home for an electricity sector shared investment to address the open source, information and communication technology (ICT) components of renewable energy, electric vehicle, and grid modernization.
  • The Linux Foundation hosts many of the world’s most important open source projects, including the Linux kernel, Kubernetes cloud orchestrator, Cloud Foundry, Node.js platform, and many more. With hundreds of companies backing tens of thousands of active developers, The Linux Foundation projects harness the power of open source development to fuel innovation at unmatched speed and scale.
  • LFE is a hardware-agnostic, open source initiative enabling the sector to build, leverage, and contribute back to a community managed open source digital energy stack.
  • LFE mediates pain-points such as cyber-security, interoperability, interconnection, control, optimization, network function virtualization, and the digital orchestration and management of distributed energy resources (DER), energy efficiency, and demand response peripheral devices.