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The LF Energy Spring Summit 2021 Schedule is Now Live!

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LF Energy Spring Summit is dedicated to supporting the global collaboration of utilities, OEMs, suppliers, and significant energy users. Together we will learn, participate, build community and fundamentally reimagine software investments – whether spent on commercial, in-house, or by joining us to leverage an open source development model. 

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FledgePOWER Joins LF Energy

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LF Energy – the open source foundation focused on the power systems sector and provides a neutral, collaborative community to build the shared digital investments that will transform the world’s relationship to energy is announcing FledgePOWER as its latest Incubation Project. 

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New milestone! GXF has achieved the CII Best Practices Badge


In the last week of 2020, Grid eXchange Fabric (GXF),  a software platform that enables hardware monitoring and control in the public space, is proud to announce they achieved the CII Best Practices Badge! Security and software quality are of great importance to GXF, as gaining this badge clearly shows. 

The Linux Foundation (LF) Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices badge is a way for Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects to show that they follow best practices (credit: These best practices are based on practices of well-run OSS projects, increase the likelihood of better quality and security, and can be applied to any OSS project. 

The best practices focus on multiple areas of Open Source Software Projects:

  • Change control, for example: does the project have a Public version-control source repository?
  • Reporting, for example: does the project have a bug-reporting process?
  • Quality, for example: does the project have an automated test suite?
  • Security, for example: does the project use basic good cryptographic practices?
  • Analysis, for example: does the project use code analysis?

Projects can voluntarily self-certify, at no cost, by using the web application provided by the CII to explain how they follow each best practice. 

For more detailed information on GXF’s CII Best Practices Badge, please see:

For a more extensive introduction of the CII Best Practices Badge, please see the introduction video by David A. Wheeler at