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EVerest Recognized with Automobilwoche Congress Startup Award

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We are proud to announce that the EVerest project won an award at Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin, sponsored by McKinsey & Company. Automobilwoche is a German industry and business newspaper for the entire automotive sector. PIONIX, the startup that originated the EVerest project that is now hosted at LF Energy, was one of seven startups out of 100 applicants to be selected as a finalist for the award.

The seven finalists presented pitches live at Automobilwoche Congress. Marco Möller, founder of PIONIX, pitched the open source EVerest project and how it aims to revolutionize the EV charging industry. The audience in attendance, composed of C-level executives in the European automotive sector, voted for the winner. The final results were:

● First place: PIONIX and Elexir AG

● Second place: DeepDrive

● Third place: Goggo Network

● Other finalist start ups: Easelink, ONOMOTION (ONO) and ZYNK


“The start-up session at the Automobilwoche Congress is a success story. The 39 companies that have appeared on this stage since 2016 have already raised four billion euros after their performance. Five startups have been acquired by industry groups, and three are now “unicorns”, i.e. startups with a valuation of over one billion dollars. Once again this year, a jury from Automobilwoche and the management consultancy McKinsey will make the selection from all the submissions. Seven start-ups will make it onto the stage and try to convince the audience of their idea with short presentations. Afterwards, the congress participants will vote for the winners.”

Congratulations again to PIONIX and the EVerest project from the entire LF Energy community!

PyPowSyBl v0.19.0 Now Available

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A new version, v0.19.0, of pypowsybl has been released. Please have a look at the release notes for more details:


  • powsybl-dependencies v1.3.0 –> v1.3.1 (#521)
  • Creation of branches and injections with feeder bays (#484#494)
  • Expose “connectable position” extension data (#498#505), and utility functions to work with it (#492)
  • Expose extensions related to short circuits computations (#479)
  • Allow to update regulated side for ratio tap changers and phase tap changers (#518)

Bug fixes

  • Fix reading of observability extensions when quality is not defined (#516)
  • Require numpy 1.20+ at install time (#519)
  • Flow decomposition: separate LF and sensitivity providers (#510)


  • Example for the creation of node breaker networks, and the creation of feeder bays (#509)

Technical improvements

  • Build linux wheels with older manylinux2014 image, to ensure compatibility with older systems (glibc version…) (#508)
  • Use native-image quick-build mode when building in debug mode (#501)

To update an existing version with pip, simply run:

pip install –upgrade pypowsybl

CoMPAS Public Demo Launched at IEC 61850 Week

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This post was contributed by Sander Jansen, Product Owner, System Operations at Alliander

CoMPAS presented at IEC 61850 Week!

The open source energy community is working hard to achieve digitization to meet the current challenges faced by transmission system operators and distribution system operators. As a DSO, I know it is becoming increasingly important to know which configurations are running in the field. To take steps toward addressing this challenge, the LF Energy community is working together on the open source CoMPAS Project.

Yesterday at IEC 61850 Week in Cardiff, I introduced the LF Energy CoMPAS public demo environment! The goal of this demo is to bring in more contributors and expand the open source community working on CoMPAS. In addition to Alliander, we are already working with organizations like RTE, Transpower and Omicron, among others. More parties are most welcome to contribute to and use this powerful tool.

The idea behind bringing a public demo online is to lower the threshold for new users. Those interested can experience the demo at – Please note that the database is shared.

Want to understand more about CoMPAS? Learn more about the project at CoMPAS – LF Energy

Open Source Is ‘Powering’ The Energy Sector, Thanks To LF Energy

By Blog

As the world is looking at moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable sources, there is a combined effort from the private sector, public sector and consumers to make the much-needed switch to renewables. The energy sector is going through a dual challenge: 1) digital transformation of their own technologies and 2) embracing the challenges posed by renewable energy.

Linux Foundation Energy aka LF Energy was created to work as a catalyst, an accelerator, to these changes, bringing different players of the energy sector together to use each other’s resources and collaborate on putting their transformation on a highway. Two key players, among many others, of this sector are RTE and Alliander who played a pivotal role in the creation of LF Energy. In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Lucian Balea, Open Source Program Director at RTE and Jonas van den Bogaard, Solution Architect and Open Source Advocate at Alliander while at Open Source Summit in Dublin, to discuss the state of adoption of open source in the energy sector and some of the key challenges companies are facing. They also dive into the geographical aspect of open source in the energy sector and how they are navigating these issues.

To see a video interview and learn more, click here.