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Open Source Innovation to Power the Energy Transition

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As we end 2018, I wanted to reengage with the growing Linux Foundation Energy (LF Energy) community to say thank you for being on the frontlines of transforming our global electricity systems. Our work is an epic responsibility given the pressing planetary issues we face in the next 10 years to globally reduce carbon from our electricity and transportation sectors by 40%, and then by 2050, to get to 100% to mitigate the worst of the climate crisis.

With your participation, leadership, and membership in LF Energy we can accelerate the energy transition to decarbonize the world’s economies. There is no better home for building the shared technology innovations that will speed the energy transition, than the Linux Foundation. The LF has provided the neutral home for some of the greatest industrial transformations of our time — whether the Linux OS, or in networking, automobiles, banking, blockchain, cloud, and deep learning.

It is with excitement, that I invite you to join LF Energy either as a founding Governing Board member, or as a General or Associate member. Together we will define, build, and support the shared digital foundations to speed the energy transition. This is your opportunity to have a seat at the table from the beginning and we need you there!

All our Q1 efforts are pointed towards the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit in Half Moon Bay, March 12-14, 2019. This is an invitation-only event for member companies and where LF Energy will have its first Governing Board meeting. We are planning to announce the LFE Founding members in early 2019 ahead of this event.

If you would like to talk about corporate or organizational membership, please feel free to reach out to me or please make a meeting here. I am happy to send additional information and also discuss your vision and needs.

In closing, I also want to thank the pioneer attendees who came to the inaugural LF Energy Summit, October 24th, in Edinburgh, UK. The event was a great success and brought together power system engineers with open source developers to start building a community. You can find all the great content from Edinburgh available for viewing here.

I want to wish you a very healthy and happy New Year. 2019 and 2020 are going to be two of the most important years of our lives. Let’s do this together. We’ve got this!

In Partnership,

Shuli Goodman
Executive Director, LF Energy
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eWeek: Linux Foundation Brings the Power of Open-Source to the Energy Sector

By | Media Coverage

The Linux Foundation announced its latest effort on July 12, with the launch of the LF Energy open-source coalition for the energy and power management sector.

The LF Energy coalition is being backed by French transmission system operation RTE, Vanderbilt University and the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E). With LF Energy, the Linux Foundation is aiming to replicate the success it has seen in other sectors including networking, automotive, financial services and cloud computing.

Read More » The Linux Foundation Transforms the Energy Industry with New Initiative: LF Energy

By | Media Coverage

We are thrilled to introduce the new LF Energy initiative to support and promote open source in the energy and electricity sectors. LF Energy is focused on accelerating the energy transition, including the move to renewable energy, electric mobility, demand response and more.

Open source has transformed industries as vast and different as telecommunications, financial services, automobiles, healthcare, and consumer products. Now we are excited to bring the same level of open collaboration and shared innovation to the power systems industry.

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Linux Magazin: LF Energy: Linux Foundation entert den Energiesektor

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Die Linux Foundation macht jetzt in Energie: LF Energy soll die Softwareseite des Energiesektors nach dem Open-Source-Modell reformieren. Denn die alten Netze stoßen dank neuer Anforderungen an ihre Grenzen.

Nach dem Vorbild der Open-Source-Entwicklung und unter anderem zusammen mit RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité), Europas größtem Energienetzbetreiber, will die Linux Foundation laut einer aktuellen Ankündigung künftig technologischen Fortschritt im Energiesektor fördern und „den weltweiten Energiemix transformieren“. Der Name der Stiftung soll LF Energy lauten, neben RTE sind ENTSO-E (das 43 Betreiber von europäischen Electricity Transmission Systemen versammelt), die Vanderbilt University und das Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) mit an Bord.

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Golem: Linux-Foundation startet Energieprojekt mit Netzbetreibern

By | Media Coverage

Auf Initiative des französischen Übertragungsnetzbetreibers RTE startet die Linux Foundation das Open-Source-Projekt LF Energy. Gemeinsam mit dem europäischen Dachverband und US-Forschungsinstituten soll freie Software zum Betrieb der Stromnetze entwickelt werden.

Die Linux Foundation kündigt mit LF Energy ein weiteres Kollaborationsprojekt unter dem Dach des Industriekonsortiums an. LF Energy entstand offenbar auf Initiative des französischen Übertragungsnetzbetreibers RTE, dem den Angaben zufolge größten europäischen Unternehmen dieser Art. Die im Projekt erstellte Open-Source-Software soll den Betreibern bei ihrer Arbeit helfen und Software zur Steuerung der Netze erstellen.

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Pro-Linux: Linux Foundation startet LF Energy

By | Media Coverage

Die Linux Foundation, das Branchenkonsortium zur Förderung von Linux und gemeinschaftlicher Entwicklung, hat die Organisation LF Energy gegründet. LF Energy vereint zunächst vier Projekte, die mit der Verteilung von elektrischer Energie in den öffentlichen Stromnetzen zu tun haben. Gründungsmitglieder sind europäische Stromnetzbetreiber und US-amerikanische Universitäten. Der größte Beitragende und vermutlich auch Initiator von LF Energy ist RTE aus Frankreich, der größte europäische Stromnetzbetreiber. Weitere Gründungsmitglieder sind Vanderbilt University, ENTSO-E (ein europäisches Netzwerk von Stromnetzbetreibern) und das Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

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Energy Manager Today: The Linux Foundation Forms Open Source Energy Coalition

By | Media Coverage

The Linux Foundation formed a new open source coalition with support from European transmission power systems provider RTE, Vanderbilt University, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, and the Electric Power Research Institute.

Called LF Energy, the coalition’s members seek to inform and expedite the energy transition, including the move to electric mobility as well as connected sensors and devices, while at the same time modernizing and protecting the grid, according to the Linux Foundation.

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