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Join Us on Dec 2! Accelerate Your Transformation to System Operations with OperatorFabric

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OperatorFabric, a modular, extensible, industrial-strength, and field-tested platform for system operators, will be the center of attention during this webinar on Wednesday December 2nd. A must-see for everyone involved in system operations and curious about how this platform can improve and accelerate it.

OperatorFabric includes several features essential for electricity, water, and other utility operations. In this webinar, both RTE and Alliander will discuss their use of OperatorFabric and will provide live demos.

RTE will start with a short history of OperatorFabric. What was the main idea and need? What is the main user interface, and how does it work? Afterwards we will dive into how RTE is using OperatorFabric. For example, in its coordination of energy supply between different countries, and in how capacity is calculated. We will show several use cases, and as much as possible as a live demo.

As we move on to Alliander’s implementation of OperatorFabric, we dive into two main use cases. First, we will show how OperatorFabric can help with congestion management. Then we will also show how DSOs can manage voltage level issues, using OperatorFabric. This part of the webinar will also largely consist of live demos.

During the webinar you are welcome to ask as many questions as you like, as we hope you’ll get as excited about it as we are. So please join us in this webinar and learn more about accelerating your way to system operations with OperatorFabric!

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LF Energy Landscape Update + Call to Action, Join us on Oct 22

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LF Energy Landscape leverages infrastructure created for the CNCF Landscape and that is being leveraged by other foundations hosted at the Linux Foundation. This resource is community maintained, meaning anyone can issue a pull request to add or update a listing. We invite you to join us on Thursday, October 22 at 11:00a ET  to discuss and update the LF Energy landscape together!  Click here to register!

Requirements to have a project included in this landscape are very simple; mainly projects should have a presence on GitHub, be active with at least 300 stars, and be a project within the Energy field (cybersecurity, interoperability, control, automation, virtualization, and the orchestration of supply and demand). Projects that become inactive are subject to removal. All projects are organized according to the LF Energy functional architecture which serves as a taxonomy. Find that here.

Like any fast-moving initiative that is growing and changing, in the near future, the landscape will also showcase additional efforts within the open source ecosystem, namely:

  • Islanded environments such as microgrids, minigrids, nanogrids
  • Aggregated environments such as VPPs
  • Electric mobility 
  • And more!

We invite the entire community to participate in the sustainability of this resource, namely by…

  • Reviewing the existing entries for accuracy, including to ensure entries are pointing to the correct GitHub repository and organization ( let us know if changes are needed ).
  • Submit projects we are missing to be included.
  • Share the landscape with others! You can include the landscape in presentations or promotion of your project 

We invite you to join us on Thursday, October 22 at 11:00a ET  to discuss and update the LF Energy landscape together!  Click here to register!