Forecasting to Create a More Resilient, Optimized Grid

Apr 26, 2022

The electrical grid that was built decades ago is not well suited for the demands of today. As more renewables come on line, and demand for energy soars, optimizing the grid is crucial. That’s why LF Energy is pleased to announce its newest project, OpenSTEF, from Alliander, the largest DSO…

LF Energy New Members

LF Energy Adds New Software and Specifications Projects, Significantly Growing Membership 

Apr 11, 2022

LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on harnessing the power of collaborative software and hardware technologies to decarbonize our global economies, announces five new software projects and 19 new Strategic, General and Associate members. 

How LF Energy’s Strategic Members RTE and Alliander Embraced Open Source to Speed Modernization of the Grid

Mar 16, 2022

Arresting climate change is no longer an option but a must to save the planet for future generations. The key to doing so is to transition off fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and to do so without tanking economies and our very way of life. 

LF Energy Carbon Data Specification Consortium

Making Carbon Accounting Count

Mar 15, 2022

  LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on the power systems sector, today welcomes the Carbon Data Specification Consortium (CDS) project, a standard specification that will help to define the raw data to track the carbon intensity of consumed energy and the carbon emissions associated with power systems, to…