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Supporting EVs with Charging Stations that Work

Jan 12, 2022

Electricity is electricity and it shouldn’t be this hard. But EV charging technologies are all developed by different companies, all of whom create software on their own and interpret the standards differently.

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LF Energy Welcomes EVerest as a New Incubating Project

Jan 12, 2022

LF Energy, the open source foundation focused on the power systems sector, welcomes EVerest, an open source software stack designed to establish a common base layer for a unified EV charging ecosystem, as its 13th incubating project.


LF Energy Seeks Partners in Upcoming Research Study on Transformation Readiness of System Operators

Dec 13, 2021

A fundamental part of meeting the objectives of the United Nations Climate Conference will depend on the acceleration of power system network transformation. As it stands today, future targets will not be met, complicated by the fact that clean energy initiatives such as renewable energy and electric vehicles cause increasing…

Enabling Substation Automation

Dec 2, 2021

Key to substation automation is LF Energy’s Configuration Modules for Power Industry Automation Systems (CoMPAS) project, announced in 2020. CoMPAS should enable grid operators to manage the transition to clean energy by better handling fluctuations in supply from renewable resources and demand from electric vehicles.