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FlexMeasures v0.11 Released With Better Data Views

Aug 29, 2022

Version v0.11 of FlexMeasures adds much more useful data views, which are also customisable. In addition, we completed the Docker-compose stack to include background job workers. This is very useful for developers. See changelog or read on below to read what we added. DATA VIEWS FlexMeasures is about optimising how your…

New Members to LF Energy Governing Board

New Members to LF Energy Governing Board

Jul 11, 2022

To decarbonize the energy sector requires expertise and commitment from all corners, and the LF Energy Governing Board welcomes such expertise and passion. We’re pleased today to welcome two new members to the Governing Board.

Duncan Johnston-Watt and Csilla Zsigri

Blockchain at Work in the Energy Sector

Jun 13, 2022

Blockchain technology is enabling innovation in multiple industries, including the energy sector. Blockchain Technology Partners, BTP, joined LF Energy to accelerate collaboration on deploying and managing blockchain infrastructure in the enterprise energy space. BTP’s focus is on providing a strong, stable platform on which companies can then innovate and develop…

Open Source Development, Collaboration to Help Grids Maximize Capacity

Jun 6, 2022

Making the most of grid capacity is critical to reduce carbonization and better serve customers,and grid operators are looking to open source collaboration to assist. Vattenfall Eldistribution AB is a Swedish utility company, located mostly in Sweden but otherparts of Europe, too. The distribution piece of the company operates independently…