Enabling Substation Automation

Dec 2, 2021

Key to substation automation is LF Energy’s Configuration Modules for Power Industry Automation Systems (CoMPAS) project, announced in 2020. CoMPAS should enable grid operators to manage the transition to clean energy by better handling fluctuations in supply from renewable resources and demand from electric vehicles.

Power System Operators Combat Climate Change With Open Source

Nov 9, 2021

As the world begins considering how to move forward after COP26 the role of distribution, transmission, and energy service companies will become critical in decarbonizing power systems and insuring a smooth transition to electric mobility and away from gas, coal, and other fossil-fuels.

FledgePOWER is making its first release!

Nov 3, 2021

FledgePower is a reference project within LF Energy that is built on top of LF Edge's Fledge - an industrial IoT gateway. What we believe is important and unique about FledgePower is that rather than starting from scratch, the LF Energy and LF Edge developer community added a power systems…

Shuli Goodman

World: LF Energy is ready and waiting for you

Oct 31, 2021

LF Energy's approach to COP26 has been to go heads down and focus on creating the conditions for accelerating the energy transition. We want the world to know: we’re here and working together on a platform for collaboration.