Working Together with Microsoft to Decarbonize the Grid

Sep 20, 2021

The very ethos of open source and LF Energy is that we can accomplish digital paradigm shifts faster, more securely, and with less costs to the bottomline. We are better together than going at it alone. That collaborative might is needed now more than ever to decarbonize our power grid…

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LF Energy Architecture Principles: Version 1.0

Jun 10, 2021

LF Energy Architecture Principles  Version 1.0 of the LF Energy Architecture Principles was recently released by a group of ten industry experts!  The team of individuals leading this effort seek to provide a consistent and measurable level of quality to guide decision-making for LF Energy governance and technical communities. 


The US Executive Order on Cybersecurity and the LF Energy Foundation

May 21, 2021

Security of our global power grid is of utmost importance to the energy industry and for the function of our society as a whole. Recent events such as the Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyberattack and the SolarWinds attack have shown the importance of being able to secure both the infrastructure and…

LF Energy Spring Summit 2021 Event Summary

May 13, 2021

LF Energy (LFE) hosted the LF Energy Spring Summit on April 14, 2021, and it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. LF Energy, an umbrella foundation of the Linux Foundation, brings together stakeholders to solve the complex, interconnected problems associated with the decarbonization of energy and sector coupling through neutral…