The Smart Grid Has Its Moment

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Happening in the first month of the Biden Administration, Texas’s massive electrical grid failure may have had one good outcome. Cascading effects of loss of power and heat, outrageous bills for the few who did have power, economic shutdown, flooding, fires, etc., provides the best argument possible for quickly developing the Smart Grid that would literally and figuratively power the president’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan to revitalize the economy while reducing global warming.

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LF Energy and Sony CSL to Collaborate on an Open-Source Microgrid Project

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LF Energy and Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) have announced Hyphae, a microgrid initiative to automate peer-to-peer distribution of renewable energy. The goal of Hyphae is to make microgrids more efficient and the overall grid more carbon-neutral.

Microgrids are segments of larger grids that can disconnect from the larger grid to operate independently. One of the biggest benefit of microgrids is seen to be the resilience they can afford in response to grid disturbances or failures. They also provide a mechanism for attaching renewable energy systems to the grid at large.

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Can Open Source Technology Keep Our Planet Alive?

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“In the face of a looming recession and climate catastrophe, technology titans, service providers, and consumer giants are taking collaborative action and turning their technology to fight the effects of climate change and fundamentally transform practices that harm both people and the planet through sustainable innovation.”

“In November, LF Energy launched a project to create an open source tool for managing energy demand across the electrical grid.”


LF Energy Welcomes Unicorn Systems as a General Member

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Unicorn Systems ( has joined the LF Energy Project as a General member. Based in Prague, CZ, Unicorn uses a “software everywhere” philosophy to develop solutions for the global energy sector as well as banking, manufacturing, and trade. LF Energy is excited to have Unicorn as a member.

LF Energy at Open Source Summit North America & IEPEC

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LF Energy folks will be presenting a two conferences this week.

Shuli Goodman, Executive Director for LF Energy, is on a panel discussion Wednesday at the IEPEC conference in Denver. The panel, titled Open Source Software and the New Energy Frontier, is moderated by Puget Sound Energy’s Michael Noreika and also features participants from VEIC and Sagewell. It will cover the ways open source has transformed other industries, the benefits and risks of open source business models, and common issues that open source is uniquely able to solve. 

Shuli will also present at the Open Source Summit North America in San Diego. Her talk Where Ohm’s Law Meets Moore’s Law: Scaling the Electrification of Everything will be on Thursday afternoon at 3pm, introducing LF Energy and discussing the benefits of collaborative development in the energy sector. Shuli will also give a keynote on Friday morning at 9:30am titled Networking Electrons – The Next Frontier in Energy and Open Source. In addition, Jeff Osier-Mixon, Program Manager for LF Energy, will provide a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) discussion on Thursday evening at 4:55pm.

Later in the year, Neil Gerber will be on a panel at Horizon19 in a few weeks, and we have many more speaking engagements and events coming up, including one we are very excited about – the LF Energy Global Summit, details of which will announced soon! Mark your calendars for Paris, November 4-5.

We hope to see you at any or all of these events!

LF Energy Sponsors Horizon19 Conference

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On September 18-20, the Horizon19 conference on clean economy targets and climate goals will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. With a community of several thousand stakeholders, Horizon19 represents an unprecedented opportunity for creating strategic partnerships that will merge customers, finance, technology, and markets into solutions for the clean economy. Horizon will gather 2000+ business leaders and key stakeholders to explore new market opportunities in the US and internationally and create new business partnerships and projects for the clean economy.

Horizon19 will consist of a conference, stakeholder engagement & matchmaking, showcasing, pitching, and side events. This combination aims to promote business-driven solutions for the clean economy, connecting innovation and implementation across the whole ecosystem for cleantech deployment. LF Energy board member Neil Gerber from IBM will participate on a panel titled Advancing Clean Energy Through Industry Leadership on Thursday at 10am in Session Hall 1.

The Horizon conference was established by NECEC, MassCEC, and World Climate Ltd, in order to create a platform that brings together key stakeholders in Boston, USA and around the world for partnerships that accelerate clean economy solutions.

LF Energy brings together industry principals throughout the global energy sector to build software that will run the grid of the future. Watch this space as well for upcoming news on the LF Energy Global Summit in Paris in November.

Be sure to Register.

Webinar: TenneT and RTE Discuss Open Source Benefits and Costs with Shuli Goodman

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This is a final reminder that Loek Bakker, Corporate Information Management Office Head at TenneT, and Lucian Balea, R&D Program Director for Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) will join LF Energy’s Executive Director Shuli Goodman tomorrow for a live discussion about open source and its benefits and costs on the path to the energy transition.

Europe’s Two Largest TSOs Discuss the Call to Open Source and Joining Linux Foundation Energy

August 8th at 8:00am PT, 16:00 GMT, 17:00 CET

Open smart grid platform wins Environmental ICT Award 2014

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The Open Smart Grid Platform was awarded the Environmental ICT Award 2014. The platform received credits for being the most innovative, sustainable and appealing ICT- product.  This was presented by Nederland ICT, the sector organisation for Dutch ICT companies. We are very proud of this achievement! Verdict of the jury:

“Because of the open character of the platform, third parties are able to develop new and innovative applications. The concrete and large scale (IoT) implementation combined with the potential energy savings make the Open Smart Grid Platform a true  winner of the Dutch ICT Environmental Award 2014.”

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