LF Energy is built on its community of participants, stakeholders, and member organizations. This page is a guide through the resources within the community to help you learn more about LF Energy and how to participate.

How We Work


LF Energy’s leadership follows a structure of governing bodies that is proven to work well for many open source projects:

Learn more about project governance and how your organization can join LF Energy and help lead this vibrant community.

Project Resources

In addition to the project pages on this site, each project and initiative hosts a number of resources for communication and development:

  • a section on the LF Energy wiki
  • mailing lists on our list server
  • regular meetings
  • source code repositories on GitHub (see wiki pages)
  • file storage on Google Drive (see wiki pages)

Make sure to join the all mailing list on our list server to receive our monthly newsletter, and important communications about projects and upcoming events.