LF Energy is funded through membership dues and contributed engineering resources. Whether your organization is a utility, systems operator, hardware OEM, ISV, sensor device manufacturer, system integrator, or end user—The LF Energy Foundation connects members with the innovative technical projects, companies, and developer communities that are transforming the energy sector. Membership showcases your support for accelerating the energy transition and to building a shared renewable energy future. Members large and small are collaborating across company and country lines to ensure the success of LF Energy, building products, services and solutions on top of LF Energy code bases that are critical to their energy transition strategies.

Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the ecosystem for LF Energy technologies, use cases, and applications. Unite with other global leaders across industries to transform the way energy is generated, transported, and consumed.
Of course, as with all open source projects hosted by The Linux Foundation, we welcome anyone to get involved in LF Energy’s development community. Non-members may participate fully in the technical community with contributions, earn committer, or TSC roles on merit. Please visit the Projects page for details.

Membership Levels

Premier: $150,000 annual dues plus Linux Foundation Membership (if not an LF Member); initial 2-year commitment

  • Appoint one (1) representative to the Governing Board
  • Appoint one (1) representative as a voting member in any subcommittee or activity of the Governing Board
  • Appoint one representative to a TSC (for initial 6 months)
  • Enjoy most prominent placement in displays of membership
  • Access to LF’s invitation-only Open Source Leadership Summit
  • Ongoing, individual engagement with [Connected Energy Initiative] executive director and staff

General: $5,000 to $50,000 annual, based on employee count, plus LF Membership (if not an LF Member)

  • Participate as one of up to three (3) General representatives to the Gov. Board (1 representative per 10 GMs)
  • Earn a TSC position through leadership in the community
  • Enjoy prominent placement in displays of membership
  • Ongoing engagement with executive director and staff

Associate: (for academic, nonprofit and government entity organizations)

  • Limited to pre-approved organizations
  • Entitled to identify their organization as an Academic or Non-Profit supporting the mission with other benefits determined by the Governing Board
  • No fee, no membership required

Note: LF Energy membership also requires companies to be a corporate member of The Linux Foundation. If not already a member, please see the LF Membership page for more information.

Becoming an LFE Member

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