A Word From Our Members

“The energy sector is going more and more to open source developments. We have done our own steps with and contributing open source solutions. The next phase of open source development is intensifying the collaboration throughout the community by open source platforms as a fundament for new applications. LF Energy is an important step to formalize this collaboration phase.”

— Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Braun, Head of Grid Planning and Operation at Fraunhofer IEE, Kassel, Germany

“Monash University is developing a digital platform, Smart Energy City, to provide crucial infrastructure supporting our $135 million commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030. The platform will enable research and deployment to create a transactive energy market as a living laboratory for academics, students and industry. The LF Energy partnership vastly accelerates our access and connectivity to global technology leaders and developers.”

— Ken Sloan, Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Enterprise

“After having had some joint meetings and events in the second half of 2018 we identified that it makes sense to join forces in pushing the adoption of open source- based technologies in Smart Energy.”

— Ulrich Ahle, Chief Executive Officer, Fiware Foundation. “The teaming of LF Energy and the FIWARE Foundation is a perfect match.”

“NREL aims to build a network of data users and contributors for our platform, while at the same time making open energy data more useful, usable, and accessible for researchers and analysts.”

— Debbie Brodt-Giles, Data, Analytics, Tools, and Applications (DATA) Group Manager at NREL

“We finally found our people. Linux Foundation Energy is the perfect home for this important consensus building effort. Clearly LFE understand open source and how to help make projects succeed, however, what sets LFE apart is their vision for how open source can drive innovation and the software ecosystem needed to achieve a distributed clean energy grid.”

— Matt Golden, CEO of Recurve (formerly OpenEE)

The transition to a more sustainable power system means we must explore new digital technologies and platforms so we can develop new concepts in electricity system planning and operation. The realization is possible only through collaboration and open dialog. The collaboration with LF Energy will allow us to develop novel ideas with other coalition members and transfer new knowledge to our students.

— Dr. Antonios Papaemmanouil, Head of Electrical Engineering Institute, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

“With accelerating change in the energy sector, keeping costs under control is a real challenge. We welcome the initiative to open source our basic IT infrastructure, thus helping reduce costs for all grid operators and bring down barriers in integrating our energy systems.”

— Georg Rute, Digitalisation Manager at Elering

“LF Energy brings the collaborative benefits of open source software and data to the energy industry. This will dramatically improve system interoperability and enable advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. This is necessary to address the world’s need to rapidly evolve the electrical grid infrastructure, while enhancing transparency and innovation.”

— Neil Gerber, Director, IBM’s Energy, Environment & Utilities Industry

“The Energy Coalition (TEC) is creating the building blocks for a new energy economy in which communities become energy-producing networks and clean energy becomes affordable and accessible for everyone, so we are thrilled to join LF Energy as an associate partner.”

— Marc Costa, Director of Policy and Planning at The Energy Coalition.

“Project Haystack is excited to join the LFE effort. The built-environment is a key element of a smart, transactive energy grid and Haystack methodologies and standards for data semantics streamline integration of building systems with the other entities and systems that participate in a smart energy grid.”

— John Petze, Executive Director, Project Haystack

“Linux Foundation Energy is paving the way for a digitalized energy future. The tools and processes under development here will be essential to revolutionize how we optimize energy use in the built environment. Addressing the 40 percent of emissions stuck in inefficient buildings will require ambitious undertakings like this. LFE holds the promise to unlock that AI-managed and market-financed future of energy optimization.”

— Sierra Martinez, Program Director, Energy Efficiency, Energy Foundation

“Energy systems have and will continue to shape the evolution of mankind. They are absolutely vital for human existence. The EPFL decided to join the LFE to support the digital (re)evolution of energy systems.”

— Professor Mario Paolone, EPFL

“It is no surprise that LF Energy has been developing so fast. It allows for the collaborative development of building blocks that will support the cutting-edge innovations needed for customers worldwide to enjoy a reliable and sustainable power supply. ENTSO-E Members are already applying this collaborative approach in their shared IT developments. This is why ENTSO-E is supporting LF Energy and looks forward to stakeholders across the power system to join.”

— Nicolas Richet, Chief Information Officer and Secretary of the Digital committee at ENTSO-E