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LF Energy establishes open, interoperable frameworks for accelerating the energy transition.

The transition from centralized to distributed energy resources is heavily fragmented, with multiple proprietary stacks. LF Energy’s goal is to foster a unified, approach to the non-differentiating code that will enable the world’s power systems to transform rapidly. LF Energy provides open frameworks and reference architectures that bring complementary projects under one central umbrella to create collaborative solutions that are compatible and support the entire power systems ecosystem from generation and aggregation, to transmission, distribution, and demand reduction and flexibility.

Because of the breadth of the energy sector and the scope of use cases, these projects are the very beginning. LF Energy intends to include projects from across the entire electricity and power systems lifecycle to enable and facilitate the acceleration of the energy transition. We welcome code, developer involvement, and partnership collaborations to further define and focus projects into relevant and strategically critical opportunities.

We invite all developers who are interested in contributing to LF Energy to sign up to stay informed on our mailing lists. Please also consider joining LF Energy as a member.

To learn more about LF Energy’s direction and vision, please visit the High Level Architecture page, which shows a diagram of the future grid as envisioned by LF Energy members. You can learn more about individual projects on the pages linked below. If you have a project that you think would work well within LF Energy, please contact us and also visit our technical governance pages, which describe project maturity levels and how to propose a contribution.

LF Energy Projects

LF Energy Initiatives

Architecture Working Group

Data Architecture
Working Group

Security Working Group

Infrastructure Working Group

Digital Substation (DSAS)

Digital Twin SIG

Microgrid/VPP SIG