Reducing the costs of scaling demand-side energy through collaboration

Energy Market Methods Consortium (EM2) is developing standardized methods, linked to open source code, to enable demand flexibility as a resource, supporting energy programs and distributed energy resource (DER) ​markets. It is made up of industry stakeholders committed to collaboration to reduce the costs of scaling demand-side energy programs and procurements.

The methods development process is split into three working groups, each representing a core challenge in the development of scalable energy markets on the demand side. The core tenets uniting the methods development processes are transparency, empirical testing, and consensus. 

The three working groups are focused on standard methods for:  

  • CalTRACK – calculating avoided energy use
  • GRID – adjustments to avoided energy use for grid integration
  • SEAT – enabling secure data sharing  

This project was contributed by a diverse group of stakeholders that includes utilities, regulators, evaluators, software companies, and load shape aggregators, through a multi-year process that was led by Recurve, formerly Open Energy Efficiency.




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