OperatorFabric is a modular, extensible, industrial-strength, and field-tested platform for systems operators. OperatorFabric includes several features essential for electricity, water, and other utility operations.

  • System visualization and console integration
  • Precise alerting
  • Workflow scheduling
  • Remedial action manager
  • Historian
  • Scripting (ex: Python, JavaScript)

OperatorFabric has a robust reference implementation called Let’s Coordinate.



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Project Details

Utility systems operators must interact with multiple applications to perform actions, watch for alerts, and many other activities. OperatorFabric is designed to aggregate notifications from all these applications into a single screen and allow the operator to act on them.

Notifications are materialized by cards sorted in a feed according to their period of relevance and their severity. When a card is selected in the feed, the right-hand pane displays the details of the card: information about the state of the parent process instance in the third-party application that published it, available actions, etc.

The cards will also translate as events displayed on a timeline at the top of the screen. This view will complement the card feed by allowing the operator to see at a glance the status of processes for a given period, when the feed is more like a “To Do” list.

OperatorFabric is written in Java and based on the Spring framework. This simplifies writing and integrating better-coordinated software. It is developed using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) through Gradle, Travis CI, and Sonarcloud.

This project and all its sub-projects are licensed under Mozilla Public License V2.0. OperatorFabric was initiated by RTE and contributed to LF Energy in 2019.