A High-Performance Computing Framework For Grid Simulation and Planning

PowSyBl provides the code building blocks for the simulations and analyses of power systems, for horizons from real-time operation to investment planning.

  • Grid data model, described with Java classes and possibility to define extensions with plugins
  • Data management system
  • Importers and exporters for several formats (CIM, CGMES, UCTE…)
  • APIs to various computation modules (load-flow, security analysis, short-circuit computation, sensitivity computation, optimizers, AMPL)
  • Distribution framework for HPC (tested on a 10,000 cores platform)
  • JavaFX user interface framework
  • Scripting
  • Advanced functions: grid model merging, remedial actions manager
  • Modular architecture based on plugins


For more information on the goals and roadmap for this project, please visit its pages on GitHub.


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