An Effective Distributed Software Platform for Smart Grid Apps

RIAPS: The Resilient Information Architecture Platform for Smart Grid (RIAPS) provides core infrastructure and services for building effective, secure and powerful distributed Smart Grid applications. Examples include monitoring and control, data collection and analytics, energy management, microgrid control, and protection applications. The RIAPS technology stack features:

  • Component-oriented programming model for distributed real-time software running on embedded nodes dispersed throughout the power grid
  • Support for low-latency, hard real-time applications via a low-overhead messaging layer
  • Services for application management, fault tolerance, security, high-precision time synchronization, distributed coordination
  • Uniform device access with support for various industrial protocols
  • Development toolkit for developing and deploying apps
  • Implementation languages: Python, C++, Simulink/Stateflow, and others


For more information on this project’s goals and roadmap, visit its documentation page.


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