Resources on Open Source

 Enterprise Open Source
Learn how to accelerate your company’s open source efforts, based on the experience of hundreds of companies spanning more than two decades of professional, enterprise open source.

 Open Source Audits in Merger and Acquisition Transactions
This ebook provides an overview and practical guide to open source audits in merger and acquisition transactions and offers basic guidelines to improve open source compliance preparedness.

 Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise
A practical guide for organizations on how best to use open source code in products and services, and participate in open source communities, in a legal and responsible way.

 Practical GPL Compliance
This guide offers simple instructions, checklists, and flowcharts that empower compliance teams to work with open source as efficiently as possible.

 How to Reach and Influence Open Source Developers
This paper will give companies practical tips on how to connect with open source projects, identify key contributors, build a strong open source reputation, and ultimately expand their reach and influence within the open source community.

 How to Build Open Source Competency in your Company
This paper provides an overview of that process as well as seven best practices, gleaned from years of collaboration with open source leaders, that will help companies proceed along the path to open source mastery.

 How to Recruit and Hire Open Source Developers
This paper provides practical tips for companies on how to recruit and hire open source developers.

Open Source Guides For The Enterprise