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LF Energy produces webinars regularly. You can view them at the links below, on the Videos page, and on LF Energy’s YouTube channel.


Europe’s Two Largest TSOs Discuss the Call to Open Source and Joining Linux Foundation Energy

TenneT and RTE strategy directors Loek Bakker and Lucian Balea have an open and frank discussion with Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy about the benefits and costs of utilities adopting open source as a path to drive the energy transition. They discuss their strategies, internal alignment process, and decision to join LF Energy.

As the two largest transmission system operators in Europe, RTE and TenneT operate with 99.99% grid availability. To enable the energy transition, all utilities in Europe must deliver on a future in which wind and solar energy are the most important primary sources to produce electricity, while continuing to provide security and stability of service. Digitalization is central to this distributed future. Across sectors, the adoption of open source and collaborative development have been critical to the paradigm shifts that have enabled digitalization by increasing the pace of innovation, faster time to market, lowering costs, breaking vendor lock-in, and insuring security.

Open source refers to a software development model that encourages open collaboration to create software for which the original source code (design, code, ingredients) is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. This conversation will look at the internal strategies of these two TSO as they seek to find a path forward to address the intersection of energy, open source, and digitalization.


Europe’s Two Largest TSOs Discuss the Call to Open Source and Joining Linux Foundation EnergyAugust 8, 2019

The LF Energy Webinar Series presented an introduction to LF Energy and all of the technical projects underway within the foundation as of June, 2019. This webinar series is a perfect opportunity to understand each project. Each presentation was recorded.

date video speaker
May 30, 2019 Introduction to LF Energy (YouTube) Shuli Goodman
June 4, 2019 LF Energy – RIAPS (YouTube) Gabor Karsai
June 6, 2019 LF Energy – OperatorFabric (YouTube) Alexandra Gironnet, Hanne Safi
June 11, 2019 LF Energy – PowSyBl (YouTube) Anne Tilloy, Jean-Baptiste Heyberger
June 13, 2019 LF Energy – OEDI (YouTube) Debbie Brodt-Giles
June 20, 2019 LF Energy – OpenEEmeter and EEweather (YouTube) Phil Ngo
June 25, 2019 LF Energy – EM2 Methods (YouTube)

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