The LF Energy Webinar Series presents an introduction to LF Energy and all of the technical projects underway within the foundation as of June, 2019. This webinar series is a perfect opportunity to understand each project.

Each presentation was recorded. You can view the webinars at the links below, on the Videos page, and on LF Energy’s YouTube channel.

May 30, 2019Introduction to LF Energy (YouTube)Shuli Goodman
June 4, 2019LF Energy – RIAPS (YouTube)Gabor Karsai
June 6, 2019LF Energy – OperatorFabric (YouTube)Alexandra Gironnet, Hanne Safi
June 11, 2019LF Energy – PowSyBl (YouTube)Anne Tilloy, Jean-Baptiste Heyberger
June 13, 2019LF Energy – OEDI (YouTube)Debbie Brodt-Giles
June 20, 2019LF Energy – OpenEEmeter and EEweather (YouTube)Phil Ngo
June 25, 2019LF Energy – EM2 Methods (YouTube)McGee Young