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Linking Carbon Counting to Renewable Electricity Purchases

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More consumers and corporations want to know the carbon footprint of the companies they do business with, and businesses are buying more renewable energy in response.

But it’s no longer enough just to buy and use renewables. The pressure is on companies to also understand the carbon impact of those purchases.

That’s where FlexiDAO comes in. FlexiDAO, founded four years ago, helps companies eliminate emissions from the electricity they buy. It does that by enabling them to monitor and certify the origin of that power, and its carbon emissions every hour of the day.

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The Open Smart Grid Platform under a foundation: LF energy


One of the wishes of the Open Smart Grid Platform project to create an independent foundation to facilitate the project and provide a neutral home.


Good news! This is happening with the Linux Foundation energy! It is made possible by Alliander joining the LF energy initiative earlier this year. The announcement was done during the LF energy global summit in Paris. Joining the LF energy will help in an independent positioning in the market. The marketing effort of LF energy can help to start more discussions about using/contributing the Open Smart Grid Platform project. The LF energy long open source experience can help to improve the project in the near future.


Check the LF energy website if you’re interested in joining the LF energy initiative or take a look at other energy related projects.

OSGP present @ the LF energy summit in Paris 4 and 5 November


The Open Smart Grid Platform will be present at the LF energy summit 2019 in Paris next week. An event where utilities show how open source software can speed up their digital transition. Jonas van den Bogaard will pitch the Open Smart Grid Platform and Arjan Stam will dive into why Alliander decided to join LF energy.

Also, the Open Smart Grid Platform has a demo table at the project BIZAAR to discuss the project in more detail with whom is interested. The LF energy event provides a great opportunity to get in contact with other open source projects related to the Energy domain. The event will be specially relevant for TSOs, DSOs and related vendors.

Feel free to join the Event! You can register here and found out more:

LF Energy Global Summit, Nov 4-5, Paris


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