The future of energy is digital, open source, and shared

First, software ate hardware. Then open source ate software.
We now live in an open source economy.

Data shows that adopting open source has three times the impact on innovation compared to going it alone. Across industries, companies have turned business processes and hardware into software-defined assets to gain speed, increase innovation, and decrease costs. Today, the typical software stack is 70% open source.

The Linux Foundation enables this bold transition as the world’s dominant open-source platform, capturing $15.7 billion in shared value. LF Energy extends the power of collaboration at scale for the Energy Transition. By providing a gravitational center for shared investments and non-differentiating and non-competitive code, members leverage open source strength and flexibility to build the future’s power systems. Energy, our time is now.

Why become a member

LF Energy provides a pre-competitive platform to build the power systems of the future leading to 100% decarbonization.

LF Energy connects members with the technical projects, innovative utilities, customer-centric suppliers, and developer communities that are transforming the energy sector.

LF Energy enables you to reduce costs, speed innovation, and deliver greater value. We are your R & D force multiplier!

How you benefit from membership

Gain a seat at the table to influence the strategic direction of LF Energy and the projects that will shape an industry for millenia.

Gain business capacity to accelerate innovation and increase market opportunity by sharing the burden of non-differentiating commodity software.

Gain vendor and hardware agnosticity that allows you to solve for interoperability while creating and maximizing value.

Membership Benefits

Strategic Membership



(academic & nonprofit institutions only *)

Voting seat on the LF Energy Governing Board to influence and approve new projects and working groups to be launched under LF Energy

(Possible) 1 per every 10 General members

Direct oversight and influence on LF Energy budget, including how and where the project spends money

Premium access to LF Energy and Linux Foundation leadership

Access to briefing on the project pipeline, plus inclusion in new projects, and the ability to govern and create new projects

Priority inclusion for planning webinars and/or hosting LF Energy Roadshows, or meetups at the location of your choice

Voting seat on the LF Energy Technical Advisory Council

Voting seat on Marketing, Education, Outreach Committee

(Possible) 1 per every General members

Shape the energy industry and its non-differentiating, commodity layers of software to accelerate market transformation

Be seen as a leader committed to the energy transition and 100% planetary decarbonization

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* Associate Member (for a pre-approved open source project, non-governmental organization, academic institution, or government research institution)


Not Currently LF Member

(priced by employee headcount)

Current LF Member

(priced by employee headcount)

Strategic Annual Membership**

$170,000 (USD) 5,000+
$165,000 (USD) 500 – 4,999
$160,000 (USD) 100 – 499
$155,000 (USD) 0 – 99

$150,000 (USD)

General Annual Membership

$70,000 (USD) 5,000+
$40,000 (USD) 2,000 – 4,999
$25,000 (USD) 500 – 1,999
$15,000 (USD) 100 – 499
$10,000 (USD) Up to 99

$50,000 (USD) 5,000+
$25,000 (USD) 2,000 – 4,999
$10,000 (USD) 500 – 1,999
$5,000 (USD) 100 – 499
$5,000 (USD) Up to 99

* Participation in LF Energy as a corporate member requires companies to also be a corporate member of The Linux Foundation.
**Strategic LF Energy membership requires an initial 2-year commitment.